The new PackAssistant

The world’s leading software for optimised planning of 3D packaging has become even better! The newly designed ­PackAssistant 4 user-interface makes an immediate striking impression. We’ve listened to our users and have taken up their requests, delivered in a modern design that enhances navigation and leads to a more intuitive operation.

New Design, intuitive operation

Searching for completed packing projects is one of the new features. Projects are no longer stored in CTP-files but in a database, which means that locating and opening projects is now much faster. The 3D-Viewer has also been revamped: parts are presented in a clear, three-dimensional view, which simplifies the planning of the packing. Furthermore, PackAssistant 4 computes packing projects with higher speed and efficiency: at the same time that optimisations are running, new projects can be set-up and results viewed. Up to four projects can be computed in parallel.

Compatibility Maintained

  • Supported formats for parts: JT, STEP, WRL, STL
  • Packing results can be written as: Word, Excel, JT, STEP, WRL files.
  • Previously generated projects (CTP and CTT formats) can be opened.
  • Importing existing container tables is supported.
  • Users may continue to use existing report-templates.
  • An existing license server can be used, only a new license file is needed.

New: SQL Database

  • Rather than being stored in a set of CTP-files, projects are now held in a database.
  • The database facilitates fast search and location of existing projects.
  • Filtering can be performed for all parameters, either ­individually or by using multiple parameters at one time.
  • Projects and the corresponding results tables are presented with a clear vertical layout; results can be easily compared.
  • On selection of a result, a 3D representation is automatically shown, in addition to additional details regarding the project and the result parameters.

New: Intuitive (graphical) user interface

  • The new user interface is simplified and operation is intuitive.
  • Help boxes (pop-ups) are provided for all functions, throughout the system.
  • The interface can be adapted by the user for the choice of mm / inch and kg / pound settings.
  • Improvement for loading parts:
  • Direct creation and introduction of the automatically determined stable position.
  • Option to adapt the part’s unit of length.

New: 3D-Viewer

  • 3D-Presentation
  • 4-Window view, as used in common CAD-Tools.
  • The packing direction is indicated by displaying three sides of a container as a grid.
  • Live-adaptation of the bounding box and the maximum support surface to simplify the manual creation of stable positions.
  • 3D representation of results
  • Rotation of parts is more user-friendly and parts are no longer hidden.
  • Simple toggling of individual layers to be visualised / hidden in the result.