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»If you look at the whole logistics chain the container is just the beginning. Storage place could be saved, less delivery cycles are needed to satisfy your customer.«

Marco Rosensprung – GEDIA GmbH­

»Seit wir den PackAssistant in Ingolstadt eingeführt haben, mussten wir jährlich rund 200 Container weniger transportieren. Zudem verwenden wir sogenannte High-Cube-Container, die eine höhere und dichtere Beladung erlauben.«

Quelle: Audi Corporate Responsibility Report 2012 im Bereich Umwelt: Intelligenter Verpackungsassistent

Boxes, Cylinders and Spheres

With this simple program Create-Model.exe you can create boxes, cylinders, spheres and pipes yourself as input for PackAssistant.

PackAssistant incorporates software developed by others and redistributed according to license agreements. Copyright notices and licenses for these external libraries are provided with the software as required. In cases where a license requires source code to be made available, that source code can be downloaded using this link.