PackAssistant – Download

For the downloads on this page you need login data. If you do not know the login data, please contact your IT or PackAssistant distributor.

Auxiliary programs

Linux license server

The FlexNet Publisher license server for Windows is already included in the PackAssistant installation program. If you want to run the license server under Linux, please use FlexNet Publisher 11.18.0 Linux 64-bit

Boxes, Cylinders, Spheres and Pipes

With this simple program you can create boxes, cylinders, spheres and pipes yourself as input for PackAssistant.

Older versions of PackAssistant

PackAssistant 4.4.0 from May 7, 2020

PackAssistant 4.3.1 from October 28, 2019

PackAssistant 4.2.1 from February 19, 2019

PackAssistant 4.1.3. from January 26, 2018

PackAssistant 4.0.5 from April 4, 2017

Open source software licenses

PackAssistant contains software developed by third parties and distributed according to license agreements. Copyright notices and licenses for these external libraries are distributed with the software as well as provided at this link, as required. If a license requires source code to be provided, this can also be downloaded there.