PackAssistant – Optimized 3D-Packaging Design

At a glance

Making the best use of container space can save both transportation and storage costs. One simply needs to find the right way to arrange the objects to be packed in the available container space. Experienced packing planners usually spend a lot of time meticulously arranging and packing parts with complex shapes but, nevertheless, they will not, in most cases, achieve the same packing density as realized with ­PackAssistant.

The PackAssistant software calculates the optimal packing arrangement of identical parts in standard containers by using 3D designs (CAD). This also works for parts with complex shapes, as the software will identify and take the individual shape of the object into account.


PackAssistant saves time and money through

  • optimal container utilization
  • avoiding time-consuming packing tests
  • allowing early-stage transport, container and storage planning
  • providing a key support tool for creation of quotes and tenders

Saving Potential

Reduction of transport costs

PackAssistant users have improved the packing density of containers by up to 25 percent. This improvement also has a positive effect on other areas in the whole logistic chain: fewer containers means reduced storage space needed and lower transportation and handling costs.

Save time by improved planning

PackAssistant not only enables you to improve packing densities, but – by faster planning – it also helps you to save time.

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